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Centennial (CA)

Game Five

September 2, 2023  7:30 pm

Mascot: Huskies

1820 Rimpau Ave
Corona, CA 92881

Head Coach Matt Logan

The finale for the 2023 SoCal Honor Bowl is a national Game of the Week! It is always special to have these two teams participate but to have them matched up against each other will be epic!

Centennial is thrilled to be back in the Showcase again and they always bring it! Head Coach Matt Logan specifically blocked Labor Day weekend to play in The Honor Bowl. Centennial has totally bought into the Mission of the Showcase and has raised money to help the veterans that we have assisted over the years! Offensively, the Huskies will adjust in the QB position after two talented QBs graduated. Junior WR Cory Butler will be a target in the air after his So season having 629 yds. and 7 TDs. On the defensive side, Jr LB Bryce Granger will stop plays like he did in ’22.


Alexis Barile

Centennial High School fosters a safe and inclusive learning community that develops intrinsically motivated learners who thrive in the world around them.

Gm5 Punahoe vs Centennial SoCal
HC Matt Logan
Wade Helton OT
Tayten Beyer CB
Brent Helton IOL
Bryce Granger LB
Cedrick Williams DB
Cornell Hatcher RB
Cory Butler WR
Daniel Shipp OL
Husan Longstreet QB
LaRue Zamoranolll DB
Syncere Brackett LB